Thursday, September 6, 2018

Homework Chart


                                 Homework for the Week

September 10th – September 14th

Sept. 10th

Sept. 11th
Sept. 12th
 Sept. 13th
Sept. 14th
Family Movie Night at Trinity
Write spelling words on lined paper 2x’s each.

Write sentences using at least 6 words to practice.
 Take a practice test writing the words.
Cut out and glue in Bible verse.
Practice Bible Verse
Practice Bible Verse  
Practice Bible Verse  
Recite Bible verse
IXL- Starred Addition Skills- 15 min.
Math Addition Page
Read for 15 minutes
Read for 15 minutes
Read for 15 minutes
Read for 15 minutes
Read for 15 minutes

Mission Statement: Trinity Lutheran Christian School and Early Learning Center seeks to glorify God by:

·        Providing the best academic education

·        Presenting lessons in the framework of Biblical truth

·        Preparing students to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives with Christian Character.

Bible Verse: “I will praise You because I have been wonderfully made”

(Psalm 139:14a).

Spelling Words- man, can, nap, tap, cat, hat, clap, not, does, two

Please check your classes teacher blog. You can access it every weekend unless we are off of school. The blog would be updated the first day we return to school. 

How My Day Went Comment Codes- Smiley face still means a great day.

#1 Means- I interrupted class by talking or making noises.

#2 Means- I did not keep my hands and feet to myself.

#3 Means- I did not follow directions.

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