Friday, January 4, 2019

                                  Homework for the Week
January 7th– January 12th
Jan. 7
Jan. 8
Jan. 9
  Jan. 10
  Jan. 11
Early Dismissal
How My Day Went Code and Comment

Glue Bible Verse
Practice Verse
Practice Verse
Practice Verse
 Recite Verse
Read for 20 minutes
Read for 20 minutes
Read for 20 minutes
Read for 20 minutes
Read for 20 minutes
Write all words 3 time.
Write words 5 times.
Spells words aloud to an adult
Take a practice test.

Hoppy Student
Write Hoppy Student Friendly Letter

Friendly Letter Due


Place Value

Place Value

Bible Verse- For this is what love for God is: to keep His commands. Now His commands are not a burden.  1 John 5:3

Spelling- make, take, came, game, gate, late, some, today, save , why
Challenge-   calendar, schedule, weekend, daily, occasion                                                           
The second quarter ends on Friday 1/11/19.

Special Announcements-
How My Day Went Comment Codes- Smiley face still means a great day.
#1 Means- I interrupted class by talking or making noises.
#2 Means- I did not keep my hands and feet to myself.
#3 Means- I did not follow directions.

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