Thursday, September 13, 2018

Homework Chart

                                               Homework for the Week

September 17th – September 21st

Sept. 17th

Sept. 18th

Sept. 19th
 Sept. 20th
Sept. 21st
Casual Day
and 12:50 Dismissal
Write spelling words on lined paper 2x’s each.
Write all 10 words in ABC order.
Write at least 6 spelling words in complete sentences.
 Take a practice test writing the words.
Cut out and glue in Bible verse.
Practice Bible Verse
Practice Bible Verse  
Practice Bible Verse  
Recite    Bible verse
Practice spelling number words 0-6.
Practice spelling number words 7-12.
IXL- First grade starred skills- 10 minutes
Read for 15 minutes
Read for 15 minutes
Read for 15 minutes
Read for 15 minutes
Read for 15 minutes

Mission Statement: Trinity Lutheran Christian School and Early Learning Center seeks to glorify God by:

·        Providing the best academic education

·        Presenting lessons in the framework of Biblical truth

·        Preparing students to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives with Christian Character.

Bible Verse: Sin entered the world through one man” (Romans 5:12a).

Spelling Words- pin, win, hit, sit, sin, miss, this, kiss, out, up

How My Day Went Comment Codes- Smiley face still means a great day.

#1 Means- I interrupted class by talking or making noises.

#2 Means- I did not keep my hands and feet to myself.

#3 Means- I did not follow directions.

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